1. Concert #2 was great! We had about the same size crowd, but in this smaller church, it felt much more intimate, and the butterfly decorations strung over the sanctuary made for a perfect summer concert evening. Our audience here consisted of family friends around the Philadelphia metropolitan area and people from around town that saw our fliers up at the jewelers/library/hardware store/barber shop. 

2. On the heels of the success of these two concerts, we're doing a third concert in the fall with a new program! Lookout for an upcoming concert in NYC in the fall! Sign-up below to be notified when the details are set.

The many thank you's:
-Mitch, for his beautiful sound, excitement in making these recitals happen, and ability to put up with my bossiness in rehearsals ;) 
-Matt, for coming to town when I was desperate for a page-turner!!
-the Lyons, for hosting us while we were in town and setting up reception
-Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and Pastor Josh, for hosting the concert and providing us such a perfect space for our intimate concert (audience in the first pew were within a foot of Mitch!)
-Justine and Manus, my NYC parents, that fed me throughout my undergrad studies, and continue to spoil me with the most delicious foods even on this short trip to Philadelphia :D