Earlier this year, on a quick trip to New York, I met up with my friend/collaborator/GCSF partner/NOLA-project-co-leader, Mitch, who stayed in the city after our undergraduate years at Juilliard. Over breakfast eggs and toast, we shared bits and pieces of our current lives, 4 years after graduation, and somehow ended up deciding to play a recital together sometime over the summer! That "sometime over the summer" was ambiguous for awhile, but finally it's happening, and it's happening TOMORROW NIGHT! 

The past three days of rehearsals have been fun, inspiring, and just really cool. I realized now that I've performed something around 80 times with him, with our shared junior recital, the New Orleans ARTreach trip concerts, in chamber ensembles throughout our undergrad, and our Gluck Community Service Fellowship performances at homeless shelters, hospitals, and nursing homes throughout the NYC area. Even though it has been years since we've played together, it's amazing to play now with more experience and new perspectives, and looking forward to tomorrow's performance! See ya'll there!